About Ulydig Retshjælp

In Ulydig Retshjælp, our overall aim is to provide legal support for left-wing and anti-capitalist activism.

We are a group of activists with experience in civil disobedience and we work to facilitate legal organization in cases of civil disobedience.

In our activism, we saw a need for organized help with legal issues and processes, as it is easy to feel alone or lose perspective and control. It can be an uncertain and confusing process when you are met with charges from the police after actions.

We have therefore come together to make it a safer experience to do civil disobedience and to try to reduce legal oppression.

Our work primarily consists of:

  • To spread current knowledge about the legal consequences of civil disobedience in Denmark.
  • To proactively organize activists before, during and after an action. This consists e.g. in helping activists understand messages from the police, meet deadlines, and gain access to a lawyer.
  • To build a network of activist-friendly lawyers to help with both advice and representation in litigation.
  • To seek out relevant information and share knowledge internally in Ulydig Retshjælp, so we can always pass on the latest information.

How can we help?

Before an action:

We can advise you, based upon our experience from cases involving civil disobedience, and pass on counsel and advice from certified lawyers. You’re welcome to mail us or we could arrange to meet in person. It’s also a possibility, if we have the capacity, for us to share information at action briefings.

Please take note that our counsel is a form for guidance and that we do not have a juridic education. If you’d prefer legal advice from a lawyer, we’ll recommend one.

During an action:

We have, to a certain extent, the resources to be your “legal team” during an action. Which means that we can be present at the action, collect necessary information from those involved, and do follow-up if you’re charged by the police. We’ll also, if there’s a need for it, keep tabs on how many have been jailed, and at which point all have been freed.

Please contact us before the action to hear if we can be of help.

After an action:

We’ll try our best to make sure there’s a lawyer to represent specific cases before you’re fined or receive inquiries for court hearings. You’ll be contacted by us or one of the lawyers we work with, to check if you’ll be seeking representation. We often establish group chats on signal for those who are involved; it’s a secure platform for the sharing of information.

When a person’s fined, we’ll generally advise them to take it up in court. Here's a guide as to how that’s done.

We help the prosecuted but also advise upon complaints; for example, when a person has been treated unfairly by the police and often assist in cases involving the deprivation of liberty.

What do we need from you?

If we weren’t present under the action, we’ll need contact information on all the accused and and in-depth description of the action. If you want to make sure that we’ll have the resources to help you, we recommend that you contact us in good time!