Frequently asked questions

I want your help prior to an action

In good time before the action is the very best time to contact us for help, and the chances that we have the capacity to help you are at their highest. This way we have the time to research potential consequenses and plan a legal strategy for the day.

I want your help after an action

If we weren’t present under the action, we’ll need contact information and names on all the accused and an in-depth description of the action.

If we were present under the action, or you know we are handling the case, but you are in doubt whether we know that you were accused/arrested as well, please REACH OUT. You need to personally tell us either in person or via mail/signal that you would like our help and how we can contact you, as soon as possible after the action.

If you forget we will of course help, but it makes our work a lot harder when you wait untill you receive a fine.

I received a fine, now what?

When recieving a fine you have a 30-day deadline to react, otherwise you lose the right to challenge it in court yourself, or with a lawyer. Contact us ASAP if you have questions on what to do. If you neither pay the fine nor ask for a court hearing, the fine will be sent to the court who can convict you without further notice and you can not appeal the ruling.

Most often we recommend that you ask for a court hearing to challenge their repression and insist that climate-/racial-/social justice activism is not a crime. If you regret you can always pay the fine, but if you pay you can never undo your dececion.

Here is our guide on what to to when recieving a fine

We began as a work group under Extinction Rebellion and our original goal was to provide legal support for the action week “Vendepunktet” which took place in the spring of 2022. Afterwards we chose to continue our work, expanding its mandate to help other organizations and movements.

How are you different from RUSK?

Retshjælpen RUSK is a volunteer based organisation providing free legal aid in Nørrebro. We are very grateful for RUSK and have made use of them manny times.

As opposed to RUSK, we are not lawyers and we focus on activism. Our goal is to keep in touch with activists through the whole process, from before the action untill the case is finished, and finding a lawyer.

How are you different from ABC?

Anarchist Black Cross Copenhagen is a human rights organization supporting activists who’ve experienced problems with the police and imprisonment in conjunction with their political work. Check out our website, where you’ll find a wealth of relevant information.

We’ve collaborated with ABC in the past and although we come from various other backgrounds and there can be a bit of an overlap, are doing our best to ensure there’s no double work involved.

What’s your connection to Bødebanken?

Bødebankens goal is that of supporting political engagement and activism on the extra-parliamentary left; creating a platform where we collectively shoulder responsibility for judicial consequences in connection with our political work.

We recommend that all activists join Bødebanken so we can, in solidarity, cover everyone’s fines and court fees.

We’re not lawyers or law students; our knowledge has been acquired through extensive hands-on experience with civil disobedience, the transference of collective observations, discussions with lawyers, and a collaboration with the legal aid organization, RUSK.

What does it cost?

We run on 100% voluntary assistance and all our help is free! However, there are certain criminal proceedings in which you MUST have a lawyer, and the court can decree that you pay the costs if you lose - which could range from 5.000 to 10.000kr per person. Bødebanken will cover these costs if you’re a member, but we’ll always try and help those who, by chance, aren’t members. No one should stand alone!

Ulydig Retshjælp is supported by Fundamental Rights Initiative (FRI grant).

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How can I be of assistance?

Take action, become a volunteer and of course you’re always welcome to donate! Donations are used to keep our website up and running, pay out fines and court fees for those without access to Bødebanken and cover large and costly fees.

Is my data secure?

We store all information on encrypted drives and in password-locked documents. And, we only use encrypted mail.

Who have you helped?

Extinction Rebellion, Animal Rebellion, Den Grønne Ungdomsbevægelse, Fæld Klimafælden and BZ'ernes Boligforening.